My daughter age 9
This is a parody of Adeles’ 25 album.
My daughter is 9 years old.
I, mismarissaphoto, took this image for this assignment.
I tried to get the catchlights and feel of the image. 
I also played with the sepia tone to resemble the original image. 
I attempted to line the face-up as well overlapping the original image and lining up what I could of eyes, lips, and chin.
Adele’s album cover for 25
This is the album cover for Adele’s 25 album.
This is her third studio album released on November 20, 2015 by Columbia Records.
Adele was 25 years old when this album was recorded.
Alasdair McLellan is a British fashion photographer that is the creator of this image and multiple magazines and other promotion images for her during, that time.
As a photographer, I felt I could capture a similar image to mimic his work. 

Create a parody poster combined with research.
Setup of your presentation, use similar typography illustration or photography to mimic piece.
Populate with information relevant to your piece and solution.
Create a pdf file.
Research possible ideas for your parody
List information as to why you choose to recreate this piece.
The importance of mimic : explore and discover your own style and voice
Look at Illustration, photography that are used.
Look at type families, styles, weights that are used.
Create in Adobe InDesign
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